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Libby HMWPE is a High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) sheet. HMWPE boasts excellent impact strength & stress crack resistance and is more economical than standard UHMW. It is a top pick for wear applications and machined parts.

We provide a wide variety of stock in our standard sizes and colours ranging from .060” up to 1” in thickness both in our smooth and textured finishes. Our HMWPE sheet is also available with a UV protection which extends the life of the product for outdoor applications. Other additives are available in the industry such as Flame Retardant, Anti-bacterial and Anti-Stats.

FlatAnn Process

At Libby Mfg we apply our proprietary FlatAnn process to the production of our sheet manufacturing it to the highest consistency of flatness. Through this process the sheet is heated then cooled and reheated multiple times on-line annealing and re-aligning the plastic molecules.

Tolerance Information

Gauges .060″ up to 1″ +/- .05% Length and width plus only at room temperature

Standard Sheet Size

48″ x 96″

48″ x 120″

60″ x 96″

60″ x 120″

Standard Colours

Natural, White, Black

Custom Colours

With a close relationship with our colour supplier and spectrophotometry system, we can match any custom colours, and produce consistent results every time.

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